Auto Insurance

InsureBC can help you save money on your auto insurance. We specialize in both private and ICBC auto insurance.

Basic insurance is the minimum liability insurance coverage that a vehicle owner must purchase from the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) before a motor vehicle can be operated on a BC highway. Although the minimums required by law varies in different jurisdictions, in British Columbia the minimum limit for Third Party Legal Liability coverage is $200,000 for each vehicle. (not including Taxis and limousines).

Optional Autoplan insurance includes a variety of additional coverages that a vehicle owner may purchase. For more information regarding coverages included as well as optional coverages please visit

ICBC bases your premium on a variety of factors including:

  • principal operator's driving experience
  • territory of operation
  • location of the vehicle when not in use
  • use of the vehicle (pleasure only, business, artisan, etc.)
  • applicable discounts

If you have more than 10 years driving experience and a good driving record, a private carrier may provide better value for your optional coverages. Ask one of our agents to see if private auto insurance is right for you.

Does being in an accident affect your premium?

For an estimate the impact of an at-fault claim will have on future Autoplan premiums, visit the premium impact estimator.

Need to renew your license? Book a road test?

Visit the nearest ICBC Service location to you.

Auto Insurance