InsureBC is a great place to work because we know the staff are our most valuable asset. We are passionate about our work, our clients and our future success.

Our network reaches across British Columbia and employs approximately 700 people. At InsureBC, we offer an exciting and rewarding career with new challenges and opportunities!

Branch Position Available Region Post Date
Townline Insurance PL and CL Advisor Abbotsford 2017-05-03 
InsureBC (Westview) Branch Manager North Vancouver 2017-09-06 
All Write Insurance ICBC Road Agent Burnaby 2016-05-26 
InsureBC (Deep Cove) Autoplan and PL Advisor North Vancouver 2017-07-12 
Head Office  Payroll & Benefits Coordinator Vancouver 2017-06-28 
Kamloops Personal Lines Advisor Kamloops 2017-02-03 
InsureBC (Lansdowne) Personal Lines and Autoplan Advisor Richmond 2017-09-07 
Head Office  Level 3 Nominee Consultant Vancouver 2017-08-30 
InsureBC (Willowbrook) Branch Manager Langley 2017-05-05 
Air1 Insurance Aviation Commercial Lines Assistant Pitt Meadows 2017-05-05 
Sunshine Coast Personal Lines and Autoplan Representative Sunshine Coast 2014-07-18 
InsureBC (Westview) PL Advisor North Vancouver 2016-10-17 
KRG Personal Lines & Autoplan Advisor Vancouver 2016-05-17 
Yaletown Senior Personal Lines Advisor Vancouver 2017-09-25 
Various Branch Manager - Various Locations Vancouver 2015-11-19 
Main Street Insurance Part-time Personal Lines Advisor Vancouver 2017-03-24 
Atwater Insurance PL and Autoplan Advisor South Surrey 2017-06-20 
InsureBC Downtown Senior Personal Lines Advisor Vancouver 2017-10-23 
Air1 Insurance Commercial and PL Advisor Pitt Meadows 2017-05-05 
Hicks Insurance Personal Lines Advisor Vancouver 2017-10-14 
Mid Valley Insurance Personal Lines Broker Abbotsford 2017-04-28 
Head Office  Regional Manager Vancouver 2017-08-01 
InsureBC (Marpole) Autoplan and Personal Lines Advisor Richmond 2017-09-07 
AC&D Prince Rupert PL and Autoplan Advisor Prince Rupert 2016-03-28 
GBG Personal Lines and Autoplan Advisor Vancouver 2017-07-12 
Tsawwassen Insurance Autoplan Professional Tsawwassen 2017-05-03 
Various Branch Accountant Lower Mainland 2017-02-23 
A&T Personal Lines & Autoplan Advisor Surrey 2016-08-02 
Head Office  IT Administrative Assistant Vancouver 2017-10-13 
Townline Insurance Branch Manager Abbotsford 2017-05-03 
AC&D Quesnel Autoplan and Personal Lines Quesnel 2017-04-04 
Hicks Insurance Part-time Autoplan Agent Vancouver 2016-06-23 
InsureBC (Willowbrook) Autoplan Advisor Langley 2017-05-02 
Harbour Insurance Autoplan Advisor Sunshine Coast 2017-04-28 
Mid Valley Insurance Autoplan Advisor Abbotsford 2017-07-25 
InsureBC (Lee & Porter) Branch Manager North Vancouver 2017-09-13 
InsureBC (Langley) Personal Lines & Autoplan Advisor Langley 2017-05-02 
Okanagan Personal Lines Advisor Kamloops 2017-10-23 
InsureBC (Squamish) PL and Autoplan Advisor Squamish 2017-08-02 
Leaders Personal Lines & Autoplan Broker Port Moody 2017-05-17 
Caulfield Customer Service Rep  North Vancouver 2017-09-14 
Intercon Personal Lines Broker Vancouver 2017-07-13 
InsureBC (Lee & Porter) Senior PL Advisor North Vancouver 2017-09-07 
Hicks Insurance Personal Lines & Commercial Advisor Vancouver 2017-07-14 
Atwater Insurance Personal Lines and Autoplan Advisor South Surrey 2017-09-11